Two socks at a time!

As my husband said to a friend, “I’ve seen it and I don’t even understand it!”. Well, he doesn’t but I’m starting to. I am on my second week of a two-at-a-time sock knitting class and it’s pretty darn cool. I knit my first pair of socks about three years ago and tried out the magic loop method of knitting. Basically, you can knit smaller things in the round without having to use a bunch of little sticks, just one long circular needle. I found success with the method but got frustrated with finishing one sock and not wanting to have to start another. I am still using the magic loop method, but with an even longer circular needle. The really brilliant part is that you just divide your sock yarn in half, start at the toes of the socks, and then you just keep going until you run out of yarn! And the best part is that when you are done, you have a PAIR of socks, not just A sock. Here’s my progress so far:



I’m alive!

I know you’ve been wondering, “What happened to Tracy?”. Well, life just got busy but I’m back! I survived the holidays and I am ready to start a new year full of exciting projects! I’m currently trying to finish several painting projects. Red, my large, lovable kitty, has been overseeing the painting in the guest bedroom today. We are doing trim after finishing the walls earlier this week.

Things I have learned about painting after doing several rooms:

-painter’s tape is good! Use it liberally!

-take off the tape RIGHT AFTER you paint. I’m talking while it’s still wet. It peels off cleanly and gives you time to deal with any paint that made it under the tape.

-take the time to properly patch holes and sand before you paint. It’s tedious but painting is already tedious and it makes a huge difference. You will be happy you did when your room looks awesome!

There are lots of other things I could say but these discoveries were the most valuable to me. Hopefully, I will be posting some finished project shots soon!

Frugal gardening

I’ve had this big boy for over a year now and can’t believe how much it likes it’s home in the sunroom. It’s at least doubled in size since last spring and check out how tall that newest leaf is! I believe it is a type of bird of paradise plant that could bloom if it’s happy enough. Here’s hoping! The most exciting part about this lovely, jungly addition to the sunroom is that I found it for $5 on a sale rack at a local big box hardware store.

Shopping off of what I like to call the ‘half-dead plant rack’ is a great way to get some inexpensive foliage but be wary. You don’t want to bring home something that is diseased or full of plant parasites. If you can, slide the plant out of the pot a bit, check the roots and make sure there is no fungus, bugs, or rot. Most of the plants tend to be a bit neglected and just need a little love to be a beautiful addition to your home or garden. Good luck!


Since the beginning of the year, I have tried to sprout EVERY avocado seed from EVERY avocado we’ve eaten to no avail. I have tried planting them in dirt and sprouting them in water and even tried flipping them upside down in water in case I had the direction wrong. I also tried switching to organic avacados thinking that pesticides might be to blame. I had been told it was ‘easy’ to do but just didn’t have any luck.

Yesterday, my husband found this under the stove. It’s an avocado pit from over a week ago that he dropped and didn’t realize it was under there. What is that at the top, you ask? Why yes, it’s sprouting…after spending a week under the stove…in the dark…without water. Maybe I was just trying too hard.

Current projects

Sorry for the radio silence lately, folks. Things have just been BUSY! I have almost finished painting the kitchen though, which is pretty exciting. It’s a good thing too because it sounds like we are going to have at least 12 people here for thanksgiving! I love this time of year. Fall weather is the best and there is just so much going on.

My current crafty project is an afghan that is basically a huge granny square. I have high hopes that I can make it big enough to fit on the guest bed. It’s all kinds of colorful. I was going for kitschy:). I also just finished a cute knitted toy for a good friend but can’t officially share pictures until it has been gifted. That’s all for now!



Well, all the walls anyway. We’ve slowly been trying to repaint the entire interior of the house since we bought it about a year and a half ago. So far, the dining room, pantry, office/home gym, and half bath are done. Today, we put a sizable dent on repainting the kitchen too! New paint makes a room feel fresh and clean and new. Plus, it personalizes a space which is nice because most of the walls in the house are eggshell white which is pretty boring. I can’t wait to see the kitchen finished and I will have to post pictures.


Oh, and my help got tired and I caught him laying down on the job.



It’s been busy around here lately, but I was puttering in the studio yesterday and found a whole bag of these little guys!  I bought a pack of charm squares back in March when my mom and I visited a local quilt shop and I also purchased a Clover yo-yo maker.  This summer, I was down for a few days with a sinus infection, and ended up making all 40 squares into yo-yo’s plus more out of my own fabric scraps.  It was a great project at the time because it keep my hands busy, wasn’t too strenuous, and didn’t use too much brain power.  Now I really want to make them into something beautiful!  The colors and patterns are so fun, but I don’t want to make a toy clown or a typical throw pillow.  Any recommendations?